AT&T Stadium employee took cash to let fans without tickets in: Cops


AT&T Stadium Employee Arrested for Commercial Bribery

A 19-year-old employee at AT&T Stadium is facing charges of commercial bribery after allegedly letting people into the Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles game on Sunday night without tickets in exchange for money.

Diego Soto, a contracted employee of the stadium, was caught accepting cash from fans who wanted to enter the game but did not have tickets, according to the police. Soto has admitted to accepting the money.

Commercial bribery is considered a state jail felony in Texas, and Soto’s bond has been set at $1,500.

The incident raises concerns about the security and integrity of major sporting events. Standing-room-only tickets for the game were being sold for as high as $200, indicating the high demand for tickets. Soto’s actions not only jeopardized the revenue of the event but also put the safety of other attendees at risk.

The Dallas Cowboys emerged victorious in the game, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles with a score of 33-13. The win propelled the Cowboys to first place in the NFC East. Despite criticism of quarterback Dak Prescott’s playoff performance in the past, team owner Jerry Jones expressed confidence in his ability to perform in high-pressure situations.

While this incident may be an isolated case, it highlights the need for heightened security measures at stadiums and other sporting venues. The authorities must ensure that individuals with ill intentions are not able to exploit loopholes and compromise the safety and fairness of these events.

According to reports, the Arlington police responded to numerous calls for service during the game, ranging from parking violations to disturbances and fights. While most of these calls did not result in official reports or arrests, the incident involving Soto serves as a reminder that maintaining order and security at large-scale events is a challenging task.

It is essential for event organizers and venue management to review their security protocols and take necessary steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. This may include stricter access control measures, enhanced monitoring systems, and increased training for staff members to identify and report any suspicious activities.

The arrest of the AT&T Stadium employee for commercial bribery serves as a wake-up call for the sports industry to prioritize the safety and integrity of events. The trust and confidence of fans are essential for the success of any sporting event, and it is crucial to address any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by individuals seeking to profit unlawfully.

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