Woman drops civil suit against ‘Punt God’ Matt Araiza


Title: Allegations Against Matt Araiza: A Closer Look at the Controversial Sexual Assault Case


In a shocking turn of events, a woman who once alleged that former San Diego State and Buffalo Bills punter Matt Araiza sexually assaulted and violently gang-raped her has agreed to dismiss her civil suit against him. The case has garnered significant attention, with authorities in San Diego declining to pursue criminal charges against Araiza and determining that he was not present at the party when the alleged incident occurred. This article delves into the details of the case, shedding light on the various perspectives and outcomes.

The Initial Allegations:

The woman had accused Matt Araiza of sexually assaulting and gang-raping her. However, authorities in San Diego chose not to pursue criminal charges against Araiza, citing evidence that indicated his absence from the party when the alleged incident took place. It is crucial to note that the presumption of innocence is a fundamental principle of justice, and Araiza has consistently maintained his innocence throughout the process.

Dismissal of the Civil Suit:

The woman’s decision to dismiss her civil suit against Araiza has raised eyebrows. In exchange for dropping her case, Araiza has also dropped his defamation suit against her. Notably, this does not imply any admission of guilt or require any monetary payments from Araiza. The dismissal leaves both parties without any legal claims against each other.

Legal and Emotional Toll:

Matt Araiza’s lawyer, Dick Smerdjian, has remarked on the toll the false accusations have taken on Araiza’s personal and professional life. Defending himself against the allegations for the past 16 months has undoubtedly impacted Araiza’s career in the NFL and his overall well-being. Smerdjian emphasizes that Araiza will never be able to regain the time lost during this grueling process.

Prosecutor’s Findings:

According to Deputy District Attorney Trisha Amador, evidence collected during the investigation indicated that Araiza had left the party before the alleged gang rape occurred. Video recordings of the incident were inconclusive and failed to provide enough evidence to substantiate the claims of forceful sexual assault.

Impact on Araiza’s NFL Career:

The Buffalo Bills cut Araiza from their team in August 2022 following the initial allegations. It has been reported that the team was aware of the accusations before making their decision. Despite a workout with the New York Jets, Araiza has yet to be signed by any NFL team. The pending civil suit likely influenced teams’ hesitancy to add him to their roster.

Presumption of Innocence:

Araiza’s defense team highlights the importance of the presumption of innocence and the extensive evidence that played a pivotal role in securing his voluntary dismissal from the lawsuit. While the dismissal provides some relief for Araiza, the damage to his reputation and career may be irreparable.


The dismissal of the civil suit against Matt Araiza marks a significant development in a highly controversial case. The lack of criminal charges and the evidence supporting Araiza’s absence from the party raise questions about the validity of the initial allegations. As Araiza tries to move forward, the impact on his reputation and career remains a significant challenge. This case serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding sexual assault allegations and the importance of thorough investigations to ensure justice for all parties involved.

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