Trump Mug Shot Gets NFT Treatment: How You Can Also Own A Piece Of The Suit He Wore


Former President Donald Trump is making headlines once again, this time for his involvement in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Trump’s mug shot, which gained attention during his arrest at the Fulton County Jail in Georgia, is now being commemorated in a third collection of NFTs.

Trump first ventured into the world of NFTs in December 2022 when he released the inaugural collection of Trump Digital Trading Cards. Priced at $99, the collection quickly sold out and has since seen a surge in value. In April 2023, a second collection named Series 2 was released.

Now, Trump has returned with a third collection of NFTs, known as the MugShot Edition. This collection includes 100,000 digital collectibles, a significant increase from the previous collections. Notably, physical versions of the cards will be included for the first time. Buyers of 47 cards will receive a physical card that contains a piece of the suit Trump wore in the viral mug shot photo.

The NFTs are priced at $99, the same as the previous collections, and can be purchased with a credit card or Wrapped Ethereum (WETH/USD), a tokenized version of Ethereum (ETH/USD). Trump expects the third collection to sell out quickly, just like its predecessors.

In addition to the NFTs and physical cards, Trump announced that those who purchase 47 NFTs will be invited to a dinner gala at the Mar-a-Lago resort. The gala will also include a physical card with a piece of the suit worn in the mug shot. For collectors who purchase 100 NFTs, two tickets to the dinner gala and two physical cards will be provided. These physical cards will include pieces of the suit and tie.

The suit and tie worn in the mug shot have been authenticated by MEARS, one of the largest authenticators in sports memorabilia. According to MEARS, this suit is “the most historically significant artifact in United States history.”

The terms and conditions state that the new Trump Digital Trading Cards: MugShot Edition cannot be transferred until December 31, 2024. This limitation adds to the exclusivity and collectibility of the NFTs.

Trump’s involvement in the NFT market demonstrates the growing popularity and potential profitability of digital collectibles. With his mug shot now immortalized in NFT form, Trump continues to find unique ways to engage with his supporters and monetize his image.

As the third collection of Trump NFTs hits the market, it remains to be seen how these digital assets will perform and whether they will maintain their value over time. However, given the success of the previous collections, it is likely that Trump’s MugShot Edition will also find a receptive audience among collectors and supporters alike.

In an era where technology and digital assets play an increasingly significant role, Trump’s foray into the NFT market showcases the evolving landscape of political fundraising and the intersection of politics and technology. Whether or not Trump emerges as a frontrunner in the 2024 presidential election, his presence in the world of NFTs is undoubtedly making waves.

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