Tommy DeVito, Danny Dimes & the stupidity of the Giants QB room


The First Season of Daniel Jones’ Contract: A Disastrous Turn of Events

Of all the moronic ways the first season of Daniel Jones’ four-year, $160 million contract could play out, this might be the dumbest. Not only did he go down for the year after two touchdowns and six interceptions in five and a half starts, but the team’s third-string quarterback, Tommy DeVito, took over the fanbase and maybe even the locker room.

On top of embodying everything that is an Italian-American in the greater New York-New Jersey area, DeVito has also shown more competency and swagger in four starts than Jones has over the past four and a half years. During the Giants’ three-game winning streak, DeVito has a touchdown-interception ratio of 5-0. Danny Dimes has never achieved that feat. Sure, he’s won three games in a row twice, and had a game with five touchdowns and no interceptions before, but the bar is incredibly low. Even Baker Mayfield, Case Keenum, and Mark Sanchez have accomplished such a menial feat.

To make matters worse, Jones hasn’t even won a Monday Night Football game since 2018. DeVito, on the other hand, could almost be deemed the Giants’ all-time quarterback for Monday Night Football. His agent was far more entertaining than anything Jones can offer, and the unintentional comedy of Tommy Cutlets’ cheering section cannot be overstated.

The truth is, watching a Daniel Jones-led offense is frustrating. Everything seems more difficult than it needs to be. DeVito might be good enough to be a career backup, or he could be out of the league by 2025. But his early success confirms what we’ve known about Jones for years – he’s not a starting-caliber NFL quarterback.

Jones wasn’t drafted to be a dual threat, but that doesn’t excuse his poor performance. While the roster around a quarterback is important, it’s Year 5 for Jones, and the Giants still have no idea what his ideal receiver looks like. The excuse that he’s never played with a Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson-type guy doesn’t hold up. If a generational Hall of Fame receiver were to become available, it’s likely they would want nothing to do with Jones.

The Giants’ regression this season was predicted by many media members, and it’s clear they were right. The team was 2-8 before their current winning streak, and now they’re heading towards the Caleb Williams sweepstakes.

It’s uncertain whether the G-Men faithful would even want the highly touted USC star, but one thing is for sure – they definitely don’t want Jones. DeVito has become a sensation, akin to Linsanity, but with a guy from Livingston, New Jersey. The only way Danny Dimes could win over the fanbase is with a Super Bowl title or a miraculous turnaround.

However, considering DeVito’s agent seems to be the go-to guy for contracted hits, that might be as tall of a task as winning a Lombardi.

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