NFL expanding international slate of games: Report


NFL Expanding International Slate of Games: Report

Two days after Roger Goodell teased “a very global NFL,” a report from Sports Business Journal stated that team owners could vote on an expanded slate of international games. The proposal suggests that teams would be required to give up a home game for an international game once every four years, effectively doubling the number of international games each season.

“We’re really excited about that,” Goodell said last week when asked about entering new markets. “I don’t see that as much as expanding the number of franchises as I do expanding the opportunity for people to really just enjoy the game. I am convinced that this game is going to be a global sport.”

Since the eight-year rotation began in 2022, there have been five annual international games – four within the rotation system and an extra Jaguars game at Wembley Stadium. If this proposal were to pass, that number could potentially increase to nine, with eight in rotation plus the Jaguars’ Wembley game.

The expansion of international games would not only allow the NFL to reach new countries like Brazil and Spain but also increase inventory in burgeoning NFL markets like Germany and Mexico. Goodell mentioned that the demand for international games is high and the current inventory is “insufficient.”

While this expansion may not necessarily involve creating new franchises, it would provide the opportunity for the NFL to bring the game to a global audience. Goodell envisions a future where the NFL plays games on a global basis, allowing fans from different countries to experience the excitement of American football.

The popularity of the NFL continues to grow worldwide, and expanding the international slate of games will only further promote the sport’s global reach. With the potential for more games in new markets, the NFL can tap into the passion and enthusiasm of fans from different countries, creating a truly global sport.

The vote on the expanded slate of international games is yet to take place, but if approved, it could mark a significant milestone in the NFL’s efforts to expand its presence beyond the United States. Fans around the world eagerly await the league’s decision, as it could pave the way for more thrilling matchups and exciting football experiences in their own countries.

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