Ja Morant speaks for first time about punching teen in face


Ja Morant’s Explanation for Punching Teen in Face During Basketball Game

Ja Morant, the talented point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, has recently found himself in the middle of a legal battle. In July of 2022, Morant punched a teenager in the face during a game of pickup basketball at his Memphis home. The teenager, Joshua Holloway, who was 17 at the time, is now suing Morant for the incident.

Morant has finally spoken out about the case publicly, revealing his side of the story. According to Morant, the game turned violent when Holloway threw a one-handed pass directly into his face during a check-ball situation. Morant took this as a deliberate act of aggression and saw it as the beginning of a physical altercation. In response, Morant claims that he hit Holloway in self-defense.

This explanation came to light during an immunity hearing, which will determine whether the case against Morant should be dismissed under Tennessee’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Holloway’s attorney questioned Morant about his perception of the basketball being thrown at his face, asking if he considered it a lethal weapon. Morant responded by saying, “It hurt.” He went on to recount the events, stating that he asked Holloway, “What you on?” but received no response. Instead, Holloway began pulling up his shorts, which Morant interpreted as a fighting stance.

Morant testified, “Him pulling up his shorts, where I’m from, that’s a fighting stance. I hit him first – to protect myself.” This statement sheds light on Morant’s mindset during the altercation and his belief that he was acting in self-defense.

This is the first time Morant has spoken publicly about the case, and it provides insight into his perspective and reasoning behind his actions. Despite missing the first 22 games of the NBA season due to a suspension for unrelated incidents involving flashing guns, Morant is expected to return to his team once his suspension expires on December 19.

The hearing is ongoing, and several of Morant’s friends and family members, including his father Tee Moran, are expected to testify on his behalf. Tee Moran revealed that his son regularly held pick-up games at their house and described the game with Holloway as “highly competitive,” with both players guarding each other and engaging in trash talk.

The court is set to rule on whether Holloway’s lawsuit can proceed or should be dismissed after the hearing concludes on Wednesday. Until then, the outcome remains uncertain, and both parties await the judge’s decision.

It is important to remember that this article presents only Morant’s side of the story and that the court will ultimately determine the legitimacy of his claims.

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