Trump Revenge Tour Could Be Coming If Victorious In 2024 Election: How Republican Congress Members Are Preparing For Return Of ‘Orange Jesus’ – Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA), Digital World Acq (NASDAQ:DWAC)


Former President Donald Trump is emerging as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election. As the prospects of him winning the party’s nomination and potentially being elected president grow, Republicans are starting to prepare for the potential impact of Trump’s return to office.

Earlier this year, Trump made headlines when he promised a “revenge tour” that would involve taking on anyone who has criticized or stood up to him since he left the White House. This has raised concerns among some Republicans about the impact that Trump’s remarks could have on the party if he returns to power.

According to a report from Politico, several Republicans who voted to impeach Trump are worried about how he will respond if he becomes president again. Senator Bill Cassidy, one of the Republicans who voted to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial, expressed concerns about Trump’s tendency to use social media to threaten and publicly criticize others. However, Cassidy noted that most of the time, these threats never materialize.

The report also suggests that Trump could seek to oust Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell if he returns to the White House. Representative Max Miller predicts that the leadership within the Republican party will be up in the air if Trump wins, and he doubts that any of them will survive beyond this term.

With Trump leading the Republican race, members of Congress are starting to endorse him. According to Politico, 13 out of the 49 Republican senators and 80 out of the 221 Republican representatives have already endorsed Trump, and this number is expected to grow.

However, those who oppose Trump or have criticized him in the past are concerned about potential revenge. Representative David Joyce responded with an emphatic “S*** yeah” when asked if Republican colleagues are worried about clashing with Trump. Joyce even referred to Trump as “Orange Jesus,” a nickname previously used by Liz Cheney, a Republican member of Congress.

Joyce’s mention of “Orange Jesus” highlights the significance of Trump within the Republican party and the importance of choosing whether to stand with him or against him. Trump is known for remembering those who have supported or opposed him, and his potential return to power could have lasting consequences for his allies and detractors.

In addition to his influence within the party, Trump’s large following on social media platforms adds to his significance. Despite being banned from Twitter, Trump remains one of the most followed individuals on the platform. He also has a significant presence on Facebook and has been using it to share campaign updates and videos. Furthermore, Trump is active on the Truth Social platform, which he frequently uses to attack others. This platform is part of the Trump Media & Technology Group, a company that is merging with Digital World Acquisition Corporation.

Media outlets may also be targeted by Trump if he returns to the White House. He has vowed to come down “hard” on MSNBC, which is owned by Comcast Corporation. While Trump’s return could provide media outlets with plenty of topics to discuss, it could also result in attacks from the former president.

Trump’s past grievances with media outlets may influence which companies receive future interviews with him and which ones receive positive comments on social media. This, in turn, could influence Trump’s large following and their media consumption habits.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the potential return of Donald Trump to the White House is causing both excitement and concern among Republicans. With Trump as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, the party is beginning to position itself for what the future may hold.

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