Trump Fights Back: Former President Appeals NY Gag Orders In Fraud Case


Former U.S. President Donald Trump is planning to appeal the reinstated gag orders in his ongoing New York civil fraud case, according to recent court filings. The court documents, released on Monday, reveal Trump’s intention to challenge the decision to reinstate the gag orders in the state’s highest court.

Justice Arthur Engoron initially imposed a gag order on Trump on October 3, prohibiting him from publicly discussing court staff. This action was taken in response to Trump’s false social media claim about the judge’s top law clerk, which resulted in multiple threats from his supporters. An appeals court judge temporarily lifted the gag orders on November 16, but they were reinstated last Thursday by a mid-level state appeals court. Justice Engoron has already fined Trump $15,000 for two previous violations of the gag order and has warned of more severe penalties for future violations.

In the recent filing, Trump’s attorney, Clifford Robert, has asked the Appellate Division to allow Trump to appeal the reinstatement of the orders to the Albany-based Court of Appeals. Robert argues that the orders infringe upon Trump’s First Amendment rights, violating both the U.S. and New York state Constitutions.

The ongoing trial against Trump, who is considered a frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination, centers around allegations of fraudulently inflating his net worth by billions to deceive lenders and insurers. The primary focus of the trial is on determining damages, as Justice Engoron has already declared Trump’s financial statements fraudulent.

The imposition and reinstatement of the gag orders are directly related to Trump’s disparaging remarks about court staff on social media. It was previously reported that Trump had made derogatory comments about Judge Engoron’s wife and law clerk. Despite being fined by the court, Trump continued to berate Judge Engoron. Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, warned of his potential to violate the orders due to his “massive ego and zero self-control.”

The appeal of the reinstated gag orders is significant because it raises questions about the balance between an individual’s First Amendment rights and the need to maintain order and protect court staff from threats and harassment. The outcome of this appeal could have implications for future cases involving public figures and their ability to publicly discuss ongoing legal proceedings.

In conclusion, former President Donald Trump’s intent to appeal the reinstated gag orders in his New York civil fraud case highlights the ongoing tensions between his First Amendment rights and the court’s responsibility to maintain order and protect its staff. The outcome of this appeal could have broader implications for similar cases in the future.

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