Trump Marks Presence In Court Room As New York Civil Trial Conclusion Nears, Repeats Allegations Of A ‘Witch Hunt’


Former U.S. President Donald Trump has found himself back in the courtroom as his civil fraud trial in New York nears its end. Trump, along with his two sons and their company, is facing allegations of a decade-long fraud scheme. They are accused of misrepresenting Trump’s wealth to obtain favorable terms for loans and insurance. All parties involved have vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

The defense team recently questioned the final expert witness, Eli Bartov, an accounting professor from New York University. Bartov testified that he found no evidence of accounting fraud and stated that the financial statements were not materially misstated. However, he did confirm that the value of Trump’s Trump Tower penthouse was inflated in the financial statement, attributing the disparity to a calculation error, which he claimed was not unusual.

As the trial progresses, New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking to recover $250 million for the state and impose sanctions on the defendants to limit their business operations in New York.

The trial, which began on October 2, has seen Trump testify himself and attend the proceedings eight times. Trump is scheduled to be the final witness called in his own defense on Monday, December 11. While leaving the courtroom, Trump reviewed court artist Jane Rosenberg’s sketch and commented that it was “nice.”

Speaking to reporters outside the courtroom, Trump criticized the case, stating, “This is a case that should never have been brought. This is a witch hunt. This is election interference at a level that has never been seen before,” according to CNN.

The outcome of this civil trial is significant for Trump, as it could have implications for his business operations. Throughout the trial, there have been various incidents, including Trump accusing the judge’s wife of bias and control over the proceedings. Trump has also appealed against gag orders imposed on him in the case.

Trump’s trial has been closely watched, and it has reportedly been driving up his polls, according to the former president himself. The trial’s conclusion will undoubtedly have a significant impact on Trump’s future and the perception of his business practices.

In any case, as the trial draws to a close, it remains to be seen what the final outcome will be and how it will affect Trump’s reputation and business ventures moving forward.

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