IBM CEO Says All AI Regulations, Even President Biden’s Latest Executive Order, Are Going To Be ‘Imperfect’ – IBM (NYSE:IBM)


IBM CEO Arvind Krishna recently shared his thoughts on regulating artificial intelligence (AI) and President Joe Biden’s latest executive order. In an interview with CNBC, Krishna addressed the complexities of AI regulation and IBM’s position on the matter. He acknowledged that while IBM has a comprehensive approach to AI regulation, no regulatory framework can perfectly encapsulate the intricacies of this fast-evolving technology.

Krishna stated, “Look, to me… all regulation is going to be imperfect, by its very nature,” adding that a 100-page document cannot capture the subtleties of such a massive, emerging, impactful, nascent technology like AI. Despite this, he voiced support for the executive order mandating AI firms to disclose safety testing results to the U.S. government before launching AI systems. He emphasized the importance of holding corporations accountable for their AI models and even proposed legal liability for the actions of these models.

“We believe that having safeguards is better than having no guardrails,” Krishna stated. However, he also expressed concerns over the risk of proprietary information becoming public. He believes that companies should be allowed to have their own copyrighted ways of doing things that don’t need to be made public.

In terms of regulation potentially stifling innovation, Krishna advocated for a system that encourages open innovation and regulates based on risk rather than the technology itself. He emphasized the need for a balanced approach that allows for competition and protects proprietary information while ensuring adequate safeguards and accountability.

Amidst these regulatory discussions, IBM has rebranded its Watson line as part of its broader plan to monetize its AI offerings for businesses. This move comes as the AI industry continues to boom, with major players like Meta Platforms launching innovative AI applications. However, not everyone is happy with increasing AI regulations.

Elon Musk, who has been vocal about regulating AI, expressed dismay about President Biden’s executive order. Musk talked about “woke” philosophies such as addressing algorithmic discrimination and advancing equity, indicating his unhappiness with the order.

Overall, the regulation of AI is a complex and ongoing debate. While there is a need for safeguards and accountability, striking the right balance to encourage innovation and protect proprietary information remains a challenge. As the AI industry continues to evolve, it is crucial to find a regulatory framework that effectively addresses the risks and potential of this transformative technology.

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