This is only the beginning of College Football Playoff chaos


The College Football Playoff committee is facing a tough decision, and for those who believe that expansion is necessary, this situation only highlights the need for it. No matter who gets left out of the final four, it’s bound to be a hilarious outcome. And let’s face it, getting to laugh at powerhouses like Alabama, Texas, and Florida State is always a pleasure.

One of the reasons for this amusement is the fact that the Seminoles are almost guaranteed a spot, even after third-string quarterback Brock Glenn threw for a mere 55 yards in the ACC title game. It’s hard not to split your sides when you consider that.

Championship Saturday presented a few potential outcomes that would have made the committee’s job much easier. Unfortunately for them, that didn’t happen. Now, we might witness Paul Finebaum getting himself arrested outside CFP headquarters in a Jan. 6 style protest. The anticipation is palpable.

Texas, in particular, is causing quite a stir. Their coach, Steve Sarkisian, is campaigning for a spot like a 12-year-old who just inhaled 13 balloons. Meanwhile, Nick Saban, the legendary coach of Alabama, will likely beg for mercy from the CFP committee. It’s quite a sight to behold seeing grown men grovel.

And let’s not forget about Ohio State and Georgia. Both teams lost to opponents currently ranked ahead of them, but only by one score. Kirby Smart, complete with his visor, stands little chance of defending his national championship. The Bulldogs slipped up once, and any hopes of a three-peat went out the window.

As for the Longhorns, who have yet to make a CFP appearance, their chances of winning a national title this season are slim. In the future, they might be able to sneak into a 12-team lineup, but for now, they should hope for a spot.

For Alabama, it’s satisfying to witness Saban in PR crisis mode. Honestly, the SEC deserves to have two teams in the CFP just as much as any other conference deserves one participant. The possibility of the marquee conference being shut out altogether brings a smile to my face.

While it’s unlikely that the Seminoles will be left behind, head coach Mike Norvell is practically asking to be laughed at. Whoever their quarterback is, they better be prepared to face a decapitating defense from teams like Michigan or Washington.

The 2023 selection committee is going to set numerous precedents, and the 12-team format is likely to incite a riot. We spent the whole year waiting for the field to settle itself, but that didn’t happen. Now, the committee has the unenviable task of disappointing someone.

It’s tempting to suggest doing away with conference title games and having the committee weigh resumés like some Equal Opportunity Employer. Christmas came early this year, bringing with it the ghost of college football’s future. If I thought penance or saying 50 rosaries could help, I’d advocate for that. Actually, let’s do it. Let’s pray to God for a sign, committee. It would be just as arbitrary as the actual logic applied to this process.

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