Roger Goodell wants to kill Philly’s tush push


According to recent reports, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles’ signature play, affectionately known as the “tush push” or “brotherly shove.” There are rumors that Goodell wants to ban this nearly unstoppable gimmick play, which has caused quite a stir among football fans.

The news about Goodell’s distaste for the tush push comes from a report by The Athletic’s Dianna Russini. If the rumors are true, it means that this play could potentially be removed from the game permanently. This has raised concerns among Eagles fans, who feel that they are being singled out unfairly.

Currently, the tush push is a legal play, albeit a chaotic one. However, the potential for injury and player safety is at the forefront of the league’s concerns. While injuries haven’t increased from the use of this play, Goodell is taking proactive measures to protect players.

It is understandable that Goodell is against the tush push if he believes it poses a significant risk of serious injuries. In a violent game like football, player safety should always be a top priority. However, fans across the league may oppose this decision simply due to their disdain for the NFL’s authority figure.

Complete removal of the tush push may not be necessary if given enough time. Similar to the “wildcat” formation that was popular for a brief period, defenses eventually figured it out, and offenses moved away from it. If the tush push proves to be too risky, it will likely phase out naturally as teams find more effective strategies.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, they currently have no representation on the competition committee, which discusses potential rule changes in the offseason. Goodell is responsible for selecting committee members, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the Eagles lobby for representation in the future. After all, it’s challenging to have a say in rule changes when there is no one from your team in the room.

Ultimately, this issue boils down to the Eagles’ success. As the team has been dominating the NFC for the past two years with the tush push, other franchises have become jealous and unhappy behind the scenes. It wouldn’t be surprising if the vote to eliminate the play is unanimous.

In the meantime, if you enjoy watching the tush push, make sure to savor it during these last two months of the season. It might be your last chance to witness this controversial play in action.

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