The Mariners downsizing is a bad sign for all of MLB


The Seattle Mariners have been making some interesting moves during this offseason, and it’s leaving fans wondering what their plan is. General Manager Jerry Dipoto seems to be focused on making a real challenge for the team, but the question remains, what exactly is he trying to achieve?

So far, the Mariners have been cutting salary and making trades that have left some fans scratching their heads. They started off the offseason by trading Eugenio Suarez to the Arizona Diamondbacks and continued by attaching Jarred Kelenic to Marco Gonzales and Evan White in a trade with the Atlanta Braves. These moves have left the Mariners with little in return and have raised concerns among fans.

On the surface, these trades can be explained. Suarez is 32 years old and may have already seen his best offensive season. Gonzales, who is also 32, missed most of the season due to nerve problems in his forearm. Kelenic, despite his potential, only had one hot month and struggled for the rest of the season. While these moves may make sense individually, they don’t necessarily help the Mariners compete with the likes of the Texas Rangers or the Houston Astros in the AL West.

It’s clear that the primary motivation behind these trades is to shed payroll. The Mariners are trying to clear some space to potentially make a big splash in free agency. They are in need of bats and could be a great destination for players like Shohei Ohtani, Juan Soto, or even Cody Bellinger. However, the financial situation for the Mariners is unclear.

The Mariners’ local TV deal with Root Sports is currently in doubt, as the channel’s revenues have been thrown into question. This uncertainty could impact the team’s payroll in the future, leaving them with limited resources to make big moves. And the Mariners are not the only team facing this issue. Several other teams, including the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres, have already had their TV deals with the Diamond Sports Group erased. This shifting landscape between cable and streaming has left many teams unsure of what they can expect from their local TV deals.

This uncertainty surrounding TV deals could have a significant impact on teams’ ability to spend big in free agency. With fewer teams comfortable shelling out for big-ticket buys, the market could become even more competitive. Until spring training begins, it’s hard to say exactly what the Mariners’ trades mean for the team. They currently have a projected payroll of $119 million for the 2024 season, but with the TV money no longer guaranteed, their threshold for spending is uncertain.

The Mariners’ offseason moves are not isolated incidents. Many teams are currently calculating their financial situations and trying to navigate the changing landscape of TV deals. As the league heads into the next season and beyond, this issue will likely become one of the biggest stories for MLB. The Mariners, along with other teams, will have to carefully consider their financial constraints and make strategic moves to stay competitive.

In the end, only time will tell what the Mariners’ trades mean for the team. Fans can only hope that these moves are part of a bigger plan to bring success to the franchise. Until then, the uncertainty surrounding TV deals and financial constraints will continue to impact teams’ ability to make significant moves in the offseason.

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