Jets’ QB Aaron Rodgers finally realizes his season is over and it was a dud


Injured New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers had an eventful weekend, but it wasn’t exactly what he had hoped for. Turning 40 on Saturday, Rodgers then watched his team lose to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, scoring a mere eight points. It was during this weekend that it likely dawned on Rodgers that his chances of playing again this season were highly unlikely.

Some critics had called Rodgers delusional from the start, thinking he would make a comeback this year. However, it seems that reality finally set in for the quarterback during his birthday weekend. Even if the Jets had won on Sunday, the odds of Rodgers coming back and being effective on the field were slim. Having him on the field while barely able to move around would be counterproductive for the team.

Standing on the sideline next to rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, Rodgers looked disinterested and uninvolved. The best place for him at the moment seems to be enjoying his 40th birthday and throwing balls in practice. The Jets’ season is essentially over, and it’s unclear whether Rodgers genuinely believed they would be in a position for his return.

This situation with the Jets is a familiar one. The team always seems to disappoint, even when there’s buzz surrounding them. Rodgers had eagerly wanted to play for the Jets, but it has turned out to be a poor decision on his part. He backed the Green Bay Packers into a corner, demanding a trade to only one team, and it immediately blew up in their faces. It’s a classic Jets scenario, and Rodgers is now left to reflect on his choices and perhaps take some time away from the spotlight.

As for the playoffs, Rodgers won’t be participating as a player this season. It’s time for him to retreat to his cave, sample psychedelics, and hibernate for the winter. The Jets’ season may be over, but the drama surrounding Rodgers and the team continues to captivate fans and critics alike.

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