The Jalen Hurts dog whistles are subtle, yet deafening


In the world of sports, it’s not just about what you say, but also about what you don’t say and how you say it. This notion is currently evident in the peculiar things being uttered about Jalen Hurts, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. While some commentators and analysts may try to mask their true opinions, their underlying messages are still loud and clear.

Before the Week 13 game between the Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski made a bold statement. He claimed that while Hurts is admired and beloved in Philadelphia, Brock Purdy, the opposing team’s quarterback, would be hailed as a god in the city. Sielski even suggested that Purdy might be the NFL’s most valuable player, despite Hurts being considered a strong contender for the title. Sielski’s words were a clear indication of his doubts about Hurts’ abilities and his admiration for Purdy.

Hurts faced criticism not only in written form but also on television. Former NFL quarterback and current analyst David Carr suggested that the Eagles should play backup quarterback Marcus Mariota instead of Hurts. Carr’s comments were surprising, especially considering that Mariota had been criticized for quitting on his previous team. Carr’s statements seemed to imply that he believed Hurts was not the best option for the team, even though Hurts had been performing well.

It is peculiar that Hurts is facing such criticism, especially considering his track record of success. He started as a freshman at Alabama, won a national championship as a backup, and transferred to Oklahoma, where he was a Heisman Trophy finalist. In the NFL, Hurts has been recognized as an All-Pro and a Pro-Bowler, and he came close to winning the Super Bowl last season. He even signed a lucrative contract extension earlier this year. Despite all these accomplishments, some still question his abilities and suggest that he is not worthy of being considered a top-tier quarterback.

The unsaid messages in these criticisms are loud and clear. It seems that some commentators and analysts have underlying doubts about Hurts’ capabilities and potential. They may not explicitly say it, but their words imply that they believe he is lacking something crucial to be considered a top-tier quarterback. Perhaps it is his playing style, his decision-making, or even his demeanor. Whatever the case may be, their reservations about Hurts are evident.

In the world of sports, less is often more. Sometimes, what is left unsaid speaks volumes. While commentators and analysts may try to mask their true opinions, their underlying messages are still heard and read by the public. It is essential to consider not only what is said but also what is not said and how it is said. In the case of Jalen Hurts, the peculiar criticisms and doubts reflect the unsaid opinions of those who question his abilities, despite his impressive achievements.

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