Selena Gomez Grabs Dinner with Taylor Swift Amid Benny Blanco Backlash


Selena Gomez has found herself in the midst of a new controversy surrounding her relationship with Benny Blanco. However, it seems that she is handling the heat by leaning on her close friend Taylor Swift. The singer/actress was spotted on Friday night in NYC for an all-female power dinner with not only Taylor Swift but also Cara Delevingne, Zoe Kravitz, and later in the evening, Anya Taylor-Joy. The group of ladies were dressed to impress for their pap walk, with Selena rocking a stunning snakeskin outfit.

It is no secret that Selena and Taylor are incredibly close, and they have been seen attending high-profile dinners together in the past. At first glance, it appears to be just a group of friends enjoying a night out on the town. However, given the recent controversy surrounding Selena’s relationship with Benny, the timing of this outing raises some eyebrows.

Fans and critics alike suspect that Selena may have coordinated this gathering as a way to send a message to those who are criticizing her relationship with Benny. The message being, “I’m here, and I won’t be shamed into going dark!” Some of the criticism Selena has faced regarding Benny stems from the belief that she is “dating down” by being with him. Additionally, there was an alleged Instagram comment where Selena responded to someone questioning her priorities, suggesting that she prioritized her relationship over important social issues. Whether or not this critique is fair, it seems that Selena is determined to stand her ground and not let the controversy dim her light.

Regardless of the social media frenzy she finds herself in, Selena can count on the support of her girlfriends. They were seen putting on a united front during their night out, with Taylor Swift as the main centerpiece. This gathering of powerful women not only showcases their strong bond but also serves as a reminder that they have each other’s backs in times of controversy.

Unfortunately, it seems that controversy follows Selena wherever she goes. However, she continues to rise above it and surround herself with a strong support system. As she navigates her relationship with Benny Blanco and addresses social issues close to her heart, Selena is determined to stay true to herself and not be shamed into silence.

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