Jonathan Majors Strolls By Himself in NYC After Text Revelation in Trial


Jonathan Majors, the embattled actor who has been facing a rough time in court recently, was spotted taking a solo stroll through Manhattan on Saturday. It was clear that he was on a coffee run as he balanced two cups on his way back to his destination. These pictures speak volumes, particularly because he was alone. This is quite a departure from his recent court appearances, where his girlfriend, Meagan Good, has been faithfully by his side. However, she was nowhere to be seen this time, although it is possible that he was grabbing coffee for both of them.

Despite the eventful week he has had, Majors managed to maintain his signature style during his outing. He wore a khaki peacoat, which he eventually draped off his shoulders, along with a white tee, black pants, shades, and a matching golf cap. As always, he looked impeccably dressed.

It’s hard to imagine what might be going through Majors’ mind at this time. Undoubtedly, he is contemplating the potential consequences for his career, regardless of the jury’s verdict. Throughout the trial, there have been several damaging revelations, many of which came from Grace Jabbari’s testimony about their relationship. She accused Majors of being verbally abusive towards her in the past, and there was even mention of an incident involving Coretta Scott King.

However, the most damning evidence came to light on Friday when text messages Majors sent to Jabbari in September 2022 were read aloud in court. These messages suggested some sort of altercation in London, with Majors expressing concern that an investigation could be triggered if Jabbari did not protect them. Jabbari replied, indicating her willingness to lie to protect Majors. These text messages, combined with Jabbari’s testimony about other instances of alleged aggression, have not been received well by the public.

Given that so many of these alleged incidents have been exposed in court, it almost feels irrelevant whether Majors is found guilty or not. The damage to his reputation seems to have already been done. However, the final verdict lies in the hands of the jury, and the aftermath will ultimately depend on Disney’s decision. As Majors’ largest employer, Disney holds significant influence over his future in the industry.

The trial will continue next week, with the expectation of hearing from other key witnesses, including the car service driver who may shed light on the alleged incident in his vehicle. This testimony could provide a definitive answer to whether Majors brutalized Jabbari. In the meantime, Majors patiently waits, hoping for a resolution to the turmoil surrounding him.

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