Sandy Hook Parent Calls Elon Musk ‘Sociopath’ For Letting Alex Jones On X


Elon Musk’s decision to welcome conspiracy theorist Alex Jones back on X has sparked controversy and upset, especially for the parent of a Sandy Hook school shooting victim. David Wheeler, whose son Benjamin was one of the first graders murdered in the 2012 tragedy, has some strong words for the billionaire.

In an interview with TMZ, David Wheeler expressed his disappointment with Musk’s call to reinstate Alex Jones on the social media app. He described Musk as a “sociopath” and believes that both Musk and Jones deserve each other. Wheeler’s son was a victim in the Sandy Hook shooting, and Jones has repeatedly claimed that the event was a hoax.

Wheeler stated that he had stopped using X/Twitter when Musk took the reins of the platform. He believes that Musk and Jones don’t care about him or others affected by tragedies like Sandy Hook, and that their actions reflect their lack of empathy.

Elon Musk conducted a poll on X, asking users whether or not Jones’ account should be restored. Approximately 70 percent of the respondents voted in favor of bringing Jones back. This outcome did not surprise David Wheeler, as he believes that Musk’s decision was based on user opinions rather than his own convictions.

Interestingly, about a year ago, Musk had vowed not to reinstate Jones on X, citing his lack of mercy for anyone who would exploit the deaths of children for gain, politics, or fame. However, he appears to have changed his stance.

Jones was previously banned from Twitter in 2018 due to abusive behavior on his account and was also involved in defamation lawsuits from the families of Sandy Hook victims. He lost these lawsuits and owes nearly $1 billion in damages.

David Wheeler recommends that X users close their accounts and delete the app, as Jones is now free to start posting again. This controversy surrounding Musk’s decision to reinstate Jones highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the responsibility of social media platforms in moderating content and addressing harmful conspiracy theories.

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