Kadarius Toney Offsides Call Impacted By ‘Tush Push,’ Dean Blandino Says


The controversial offsides penalty that cost the Kansas City Chiefs a crucial play in their game against the Philadelphia Eagles has sparked a heated debate among fans and experts. Former NFL Vice President of Officiating, Dean Blandino, weighed in on the issue, suggesting that the Eagles’ play style may have influenced the refs’ decision.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Blandino explained that the Eagles’ “Tush Push” play, which involves a close line of scrimmage foul, might have led to a stricter enforcement of such penalties throughout the league. Blandino pointed out that there have already been 13 offensive offsides penalties called this year, compared to only 14 in the previous seven seasons combined.

While acknowledging the frustration of Chiefs fans, Blandino stood by the officials’ decision, stating that the flag against Kadarius Toney was the right call. He emphasized that it is crucial for referees to enforce the rules consistently, regardless of the game situation.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes vehemently disagreed with the penalty, expressing his frustration and calling it “f***ing terrible.” Mahomes argued that officials should have let the play go, but Blandino cautioned against allowing players and coaches to dictate the outcome of the game by not enforcing penalties in critical moments.

Blandino highlighted the potential consequences of allowing players to play more aggressively and push the envelope without fear of penalties. He argued that it could lead to unfair results and ultimately impact the integrity of the game.

Despite the controversy, Blandino reiterated that the officials had no choice but to make the call. He acknowledged that some Kansas City fans might never accept it, but emphasized the importance of upholding the rules and maintaining a fair playing field.

In the end, the offsides penalty remains a topic of heated discussion among fans and players. While opinions may differ, Blandino’s insight sheds light on the challenging task officials face in enforcing rules consistently and maintaining the integrity of the game.

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