NFL’s Jevon Holland Gets Free 98-Inch TV, Spokesperson Gig For 99-Yard Touchdown

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The article discusses Jevon Holland, a player for the Miami Dolphins, who scored a 99-yard touchdown in a game against the New York Jets. Not only did Holland’s touchdown bring joy to the Dolphins and their fans, but it also earned him some extra rewards.

The article mentions that as part of a preseason promotion called the “Ultimate Gameday Upgrade,” TCL, a brand of televisions, offered to give away a million dollars worth of 98-inch TVs if a player scored a 98-yard-or-longer touchdown during the Friday Night Football contest. Since Holland’s touchdown exceeded this distance, he became eligible for the prize.

TCL not only awarded Holland with one of their 98-inch TVs but also made him a spokesperson for their brand. The article includes images of Holland with the TV and expresses his excitement and gratitude for the unexpected rewards.

The article also includes quotes from Holland about his experience and interactions with fans who also received the 98-inch TVs. It mentions how Holland is fortunate to have a wall big enough to fit the TV, adding a touch of humor to the story.

In addition to discussing the TV prize, the article highlights Holland’s praise for his head coach, Mike McDaniel, whom he describes as a truly authentic leader. This provides some insight into Holland’s perspective on the Dolphins’ successful season so far.

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