Guess Who This Blue-Eyed-Baby Turned Into!

is an HTML element that is used to create a division or section in a webpage. It is commonly used to group and organize content.

In the given code snippet, there are several

elements within the

element. Each

element represents a separate block of content with a unique ID and class attributes for styling purposes.

The first

element with the ID “cb-9f171e8cbc73a51800bc84dbb2420b3a” and class “canvas-block canvas-block-permalink canvas-gallery-block canvas-gallery-block-permalink canvas-gallery-block–default canvas-block-is-first” appears to be a canvas gallery block. It is likely used to display a gallery of images or multimedia content.

The following

elements with IDs “cb-237200d4028f10ec0a255a019f4b9457”, “cb-2bc9f494e20659dbd4dd2fd91242645b”, “cb-513df24e5b8b704b291d0cdf4ddd6e03” and “cb-05c3a06ddae4948a23f92294c0f3ad2d” seem to be canvas text blocks. These blocks contain paragraphs of text that provide information or context about a certain topic.

The paragraphs of text within the canvas text blocks describe the transformation of a person from a child in Santa Barbara to a singing superstar. The text mentions her Instagram presence, her participation in American Idol, and a viral dancing shark performance.

At the end of the

element, there is a

element with a link to an external website, TMZ, where the reader can guess the identity of the person described in the previous sections.

Overall, the

element with its nested

elements represents a structured layout of content, combining images, text, and a link to engage the reader and provide an interactive experience.

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