NFL refereeing under fire again; Biden goes to bat for indigenous Olympic team


Title: If the NFL Wanted Good Refereeing, It Would Have It

The NFL, one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, has been plagued by inconsistent and controversial officiating for years. Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry, the league seems unable to provide consistent and competent refereeing. Fans, players, and coaches alike have expressed their frustration with the officiating crew, who often seem to be a step behind the action on the field. It begs the question: if the NFL truly wanted good refereeing, wouldn’t it have it?

Incompetence on Display:
One only needs to look at a recent Sunday Night game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers to witness the baffling display of officiating incompetence. In the final drive of the game, the officiating crew managed to pack in an astonishing amount of questionable calls and missed penalties. It was as if they were operating in a different dimension, completely unaware of the impact their decisions were having on the game. Such instances of clueless officiating highlight the need for improvement in the league’s referee training and evaluation processes.

The Decline of the Winter Meetings:
Another area where the NFL seems to be lacking is the Winter Meetings, once a hotbed of player trades and team negotiations. In the past, these meetings were known for the drama and excitement they brought, as deals were hashed out in hotel lobbies and bars. However, in recent years, the Winter Meetings have lost their charm. Many writers and fans still hold onto the hope of witnessing thrilling trade negotiations, but the reality is that deals rarely come together in such a public setting. The NFL needs to adapt to the changing landscape of player transactions and find more efficient ways to facilitate trades.

An Existential Crisis on the Field:
There are moments in NFL games where it feels as though the teams are trapped in a simulation, going through the motions without any real purpose. This sense of pantomime and dramatization is often seen when two struggling teams face off, seemingly unaware of the boundaries placed upon them. It raises questions about the integrity of the game and whether the NFL truly cares about the quality of the product it puts on the field. If the league prioritized competitive and engaging football, it would take steps to address the underlying issues that lead to lackluster performances and uninspired teams.

Supporting Indigenous Lacrosse at the Olympics:
In a rare positive development, President Joe Biden has expressed his support for the inclusion of the Haudenosaunee lacrosse team in the 2028 Olympics. As the inventors of the sport, it is only fitting that the Haudenosaunee people have the opportunity to represent themselves, their culture, and their flag on the global stage. This gesture serves as a reminder that when the NFL sets its mind to it, it can make meaningful and inclusive decisions that benefit the sport and its participants.

The NFL’s ongoing struggles with refereeing, the decline of the Winter Meetings, and the occasional existential crises on the field all point to a larger issue within the league. If the NFL truly wanted good refereeing, exciting player transactions, and high-quality football, it would prioritize these aspects of the game and take the necessary steps to improve them. The inclusion of the Haudenosaunee lacrosse team in the Olympics demonstrates that positive change is possible when the league chooses to prioritize inclusivity and diversity. It’s time for the NFL to step up and provide the level of excellence that fans, players, and coaches deserve.

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