LSU’s Jayden Daniels’ eye-popping stats win him Heisman


Congratulations to Jayden Daniels on his Heisman win. He, along with the struggling LSU defense, were the driving forces behind the Bayou Bengals’ exciting season. However, it seems that poor coaching and bad defense are becoming a common theme for Heisman winners in recent years.

Jayden Daniels had an outstanding season, accounting for 50 touchdowns and nearly 5,000 yards. Despite his impressive performance, his team finished with a 9-3 record. The same can be said for previous Heisman winners like Caleb Williams and Lamar Jackson, who also had exceptional stats but didn’t have the team success to match.

It’s interesting to note that in hindsight, it becomes easier to spot Heisman winners. Whenever a Power-Five quarterback reaches the 50-touchdown mark and approaches 5,000 total yards, it seems like a safe bet to consider them a potential Heisman contender. Perhaps this formula should have been recognized earlier, as it would have given us the confidence to predict the winner and maybe even place a wager.

Another factor that worked in Daniels’ favor was the lack of upsets and standout moments throughout the season. The LSU-Ole Miss game was one of the few exceptions, with Daniels putting up an impressive performance of 513 yards and five touchdowns. Despite losing the game, Daniels showcased his talent and kept his team in contention.

Throughout the season, Daniels consistently delivered impressive performances. He surpassed 400 yards against Florida State and racked up 163 rushing yards against Alabama. His growth as a passer has not only benefited him but also his receivers, like Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas Jr., who had exceptional seasons as well.

Assessing this year’s class of quarterbacks is challenging. It’s difficult to determine if players like Michael Penix and Bo Nix are truly talented or if they have simply relied on their athleticism for too long. Daniels falls into a similar category, which might be why scouts are skeptical about his potential as a top prospect in the draft. However, these quarterbacks have finally shown glimpses of their long-awaited potential and are as prepared as they can be for the next level.

While it remains uncertain if these quarterbacks will succeed in the NFL, they have certainly proven themselves in college. None of them are considered projects like Anthony Richardson, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Penix, Nix, or Daniels quickly establish themselves as franchise players.

In conclusion, Jayden Daniels’ Heisman win is well-deserved. He showcased his talent and consistently delivered outstanding performances throughout the season. While the LSU defense may have struggled, Daniels’ individual success should not be undermined. He has established himself as a top prospect in the upcoming draft and has the potential to make a significant impact at the next level.

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