Najee Harris joined George Pickens in criticizing Steelers plan


Najee Harris Speaks Out on Frustrations with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Offense

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense has been a cause for concern this season, as they have been struggling to put up big numbers and have relied on their defense to carry them through games. Running back Najee Harris recently expressed his frustrations with the team’s offensive struggles, highlighting the need for change.

Despite their mediocre offense, the Steelers have managed to stay in the playoff hunt with a 6-4 record. However, their lackluster offensive performances have been apparent throughout the season. With only one game in which they scored 25 or more points, it is clear that the offense is not living up to expectations.

Harris’s comments after the Steelers’ Week 11 loss to the Cleveland Browns shed light on the team’s offensive struggles. When asked if he felt that opposing teams knew what was coming on offense, Harris hesitated before admitting, “Yeah, in some situations to be honest with you.” This frustration reflects the larger issue with the team’s offensive structure.

The Steelers’ DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) numbers confirm what many have observed on tape – the team is slightly above average. While their defense has been strong, their offense has been lackluster. This problem lies in the structure and predictability of the offense itself.

Harris’s comments echo those made by wide receiver George Pickens a few weeks ago. Pickens was caught on the sidelines expressing his displeasure and later removed all of his Steelers content from his social media. While he denied any connection between his actions and his frustration with the offense, other players and coaches have acknowledged the concerns raised by players.

Head coach Mike Tomlin is known for his ability to keep the team together and get the best out of them, even in less-than-ideal circumstances. However, relying on his expertise can only take the team so far. Offensive coordinator Matt Canada has faced criticism for his basic and predictable offensive strategies, which have not evolved since Harris’s rookie year.

With seven games remaining in the season, the Steelers’ players are reaching a boiling point. Harris is correct in stating that their current scraping-by approach is not sustainable in the NFL. However, the team is not known for making quick changes, especially during the season.

Reports have confirmed that the Steelers have no plans to part ways with Canada during the season. This decision, supported by Tomlin and the players, was made during the team’s bye week in mid-October. However, the recent outbursts from Pickens and Harris indicate that the support for Canada may be wearing thin.

These tense moments are when Tomlin typically shines as a coach, rallying the team and keeping them focused. He has proven his ability to navigate difficult situations and salvage a season. However, unless the Steelers make the unlikely move of replacing Canada mid-season, players will be left feeling unsatisfied with their offensive performance.

As the season continues, it remains to be seen if the Steelers can overcome their offensive struggles and make a deep playoff run. The frustrations expressed by Harris and other players highlight the need for change and improvement on the offensive side of the ball. Only time will tell if the team can address these issues and fulfill their potential.

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