LSU coach Kim Mulkey has made Angel Reese situation a disaster


LSU’s women’s basketball team has found themselves in the midst of a chaotic and confusing season. As the defending champions, expectations were high, especially with the addition of top recruits like Mikaylah Williams, Aalyah Del Rosario, and Hailey Van Lith. Additionally, they were welcoming back Angel Reese, the Most Outstanding Player from the Final Four. However, instead of a smooth title defense, the team has been plagued by controversy and uncertainty.

The trouble began with a loss to unranked Colorado, which was followed by upsets against powerhouses Iowa and UConn. But the real chaos started with the mysterious absence of Angel Reese. After being benched during a game against Kent State, Reese has not appeared on the court since. The team’s reluctance to address her absence has only fueled speculation and theories.

Head coach Kim Mulkey has been criticized for her handling of the situation. Known for her coaching brilliance, Mulkey’s incompetence as a spokesperson for the team has been exposed. Her refusal to provide clarity has only added to the mystery surrounding Reese’s absence. Cryptic social media posts from Reese and ambiguous statements from Mulkey have only muddled the situation further.

Mulkey’s lack of crisis management skills has been compared to the failures of George W. Bush’s FEMA director during Hurricane Katrina. She seems to make the worst noises possible whenever she opens her mouth. Her unwillingness to offer support to Brittney Griner when she was trapped in a Russian prison and her dismissive attitude towards COVID testing and a sexual assault scandal have only tarnished her reputation.

Reese, who has always been a target for criticism due to her assertive demeanor, has vaguely addressed her absence through Instagram posts. It has been reported that her suspension is part of an attitude adjustment, but the exact nature of her alleged misconduct remains unclear. In this vacuum of leadership, other voices, such as the mothers of Reese and Flau’jae Johnson, have filled the space with bickering and questions about academic standing.

Critics have used this situation as an opportunity to attack the NIL era and women’s basketball as a whole. They argue that the quality of the game is inferior to men’s basketball and that the introduction of NIL money has ruined college athletics. Detractors are quick to point out any flaws and use them to make a broader argument against the rights that student-athletes are now enjoying.

Despite the chaos, LSU is expected to perform well in their non-conference schedule. By the time January rolls around, it is likely that this saga will be behind them. Hopefully, Mulkey will be able to retreat to the sidelines where she can focus on coaching, and LSU can regain their footing without the distractions and controversies that have plagued them thus far.

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