Jeezy Calls BS on Jeannie Mai’s Claim of Being Blindsided in Divorce

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The article starts by discussing Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s divorce. It mentions that Jeannie claims she found out about the divorce like the rest of the world, but sources close to the couple say that she was not blindsided and that signs of their uncoupling were evident. The article also mentions that the couple had engaged in marriage counseling before Jeezy decided to file for divorce.

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The article continues by stating that Jeezy hasn’t highlighted an exact reason for the split but felt that it was best to walk away. It mentions that Jeannie spoke about strength and being ambushed by Jeezy’s court filing in an interview with Jennifer Hudson.

The article also includes video blocks, featuring images from videos related to the topic. One video block shows Jeezy and Jeannie Mai together, while the other video block is unspecified.

Finally, the article mentions that Jeannie has suggested that Jeezy might have cheated in their marriage, which he denies.

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