Dad Confesses to Daughter on Deathbed, Says He Was Bank Fugitive


In a shocking turn of events, Ashley Randele recently shared her father’s deathbed confession that changed her life forever. During an interview on “TMZ Live,” Ashley revealed that her father, Tom Randele, had been a wanted man for most of his life following a notorious bank heist. This revelation came as a complete shock to Ashley and her mother, as they sat together watching an episode of NCIS.

Tom Randele, who had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and had approximately six weeks to live, decided it was finally time to come clean about his past. He explained to Ashley and her mother that he had been living under an assumed name and felt it was important for them to know the truth before his passing, as authorities might still be searching for him.

At first, Ashley thought it might be a terrible joke from her father. However, the next day, she realized the gravity of his confession and the importance of knowing her father’s real name: Ted Conrad. Despite her father’s pleas not to delve deeper into his past, Ashley couldn’t resist the urge to search for information online.

To her astonishment, Ashley discovered numerous headlines about a “vault teller robbing a bank,” all mentioning her father’s real name. The theft had taken place on July 11, 1969, when Tom, then known as Ted Conrad, stole $219,000 from the Society National Bank in Cleveland, Ohio. Adjusted for inflation, this amount would be equivalent to approximately $1.8 million today.

After the heist, Tom fled to Washington, D.C., where he assumed a new identity and continued his life as if nothing had happened. Despite his picture being plastered across headlines, he managed to evade capture for over 50 years. Ashley couldn’t believe that the man she had always known as an average suburban dad had such a notorious past.

As Ashley dug deeper into her father’s story, she discovered that most of the stolen money had been squandered on lavish living and a failed investment. In fact, the situation had become so dire that she had even loaned her parents $10,000 before they filed for bankruptcy in 2014.

What struck Ashley the most was her father’s refusal to believe that people still cared about his crime. He had never searched his own name on the internet and seemed oblivious to the fact that the 50-year-old manhunt was still active. Sadly, Tom passed away just two months after his confession, leaving Ashley with a whirlwind of emotions and unanswered questions.

This shocking deathbed confession has undoubtedly altered Ashley Randele’s perception of her father and her own life. She now grapples with the realization that her dad was not the average suburban father she thought he was but rather a wanted man who had managed to elude the authorities for decades. The impact of this revelation will undoubtedly continue to shape Ashley’s life as she navigates the aftermath of her father’s secret life of crime.

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