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ESPN and TNT Combine Coverage of NBA’s In-Season Tournament, Charles Barkley Steals the Show

ESPN and TNT recently joined forces to provide coverage of the NBA’s In-Season Tournament, and as always, Charles Barkley managed to keep things interesting. The Hall of Famer, known for his entertaining and often controversial commentary, didn’t disappoint.

During the broadcast, Barkley took a moment to praise his colleagues before turning his attention to ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith. In his typical brash style, Barkley warned Smith, “If you come over here with all that loud ass talking. Hey, this ain’t First Take. This gonna be the first ass whooping you take if you come over here with that loud-ass talking.”

Despite the strong words, Smith seemed unfazed, joining Barkley in laughter. The two were broadcasting from separate sets outside of T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Smith was accompanied by basketball insiders Malika Andrews, Adrian Wojnarowski, Michael Wilbon, and Bob Myers, while Barkley had his TNT crew of Ernie Johnson, Shaq, and Kenny Smith. The simulcast of the two sets allowed for more conversation, jokes, and analysis of basketball, providing fans with a unique viewing experience.

Fans took to social media to express their enjoyment of the simulcast, with many praising the banter between Barkley and Smith. The dynamic between the two commentators, known for their strong opinions and lively debates, proved to be a hit. Social media buzzed with excitement and anticipation as viewers tuned in to catch the entertaining exchange.

This isn’t the first time Barkley and Smith have shared the screen. Barkley has previously appeared on Smith’s show, First Take, where he discussed various topics, including the controversial practice of load management in the NBA.

The collaboration between ESPN and TNT for the In-Season Tournament coverage provided a unique and entertaining viewing experience for basketball fans. The combination of Barkley’s outspoken nature and Smith’s quick wit created an engaging dynamic that kept viewers hooked. As the tournament continues, fans can look forward to more memorable moments and entertaining commentary from these two basketball personalities.

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