Dak Prescott gets his chance to ‘talk sh*t’


Title: Dak Prescott Teams Up with Ryan Reynolds’ Organization for Hilarious Colon Cancer PSA


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is known for his skills on the football field, but now he’s using his platform to bring attention to an important cause. In a hilarious twist, Prescott has teamed up with actor Ryan Reynolds’ organization, Lead From Behind, to create a colon cancer public service announcement (PSA). The ad aims to encourage people, especially those aged 45 and older, to get screened for colon cancer. Let’s take a closer look at this unique collaboration and the important message it conveys.

The PSA: “Talking Sh*t with Dak Prescott”

The PSA, titled “Talking Sh*t with Dak Prescott,” begins with Prescott humorously acknowledging the criticism he has faced throughout his career. From being called overrated to being accused of having more turnovers than a bakery, Prescott addresses the negative comments head-on. He explains that when people aren’t fans of something, they often resort to criticizing it as a way to feel good. This sets the stage for the unexpected twist in the PSA.

Promoting Colon Cancer Screening

After cleverly addressing the issue of criticism, the PSA shifts its focus to promoting colon cancer screening. Prescott encourages viewers to talk to their doctors about getting screened, specifically mentioning an option for an at-home test that involves collecting a stool sample. To make the process even more relatable and humorous, he suggests putting a sticker on the bottom of whatever individuals dislike, whether it’s him or something else, so they can “poop” right on top of it.

The Importance of Colon Cancer Screening

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide, and it primarily affects individuals over the age of 45. Regular screenings are crucial for early detection and treatment, as the disease often presents no symptoms in its early stages. By making the screening process more approachable and comical, the PSA aims to break down barriers and encourage more people to get tested.

Lead From Behind and Ryan Reynolds’ Involvement

Lead From Behind is an organization founded by actor Ryan Reynolds and supported by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. Its mission is to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and screening for colon cancer. This collaboration with Dak Prescott showcases the organization’s unique approach to spreading its message and engaging a larger audience.

Prescott’s Performance on and off the Field

This season, Prescott’s performance on the football field has been exceptional, making him a part of the MVP conversation. He has thrown for over 3,200 yards, with 26 touchdowns and only six interceptions. The Dallas Cowboys currently hold a 9-3 record and would be the fifth seed if the playoffs started today. This partnership with Lead From Behind demonstrates Prescott’s commitment to using his platform for more than just sports.


Dak Prescott’s collaboration with Ryan Reynolds’ organization, Lead From Behind, for a colon cancer PSA brings attention to an important cause in a unique and humorous way. By using his own experiences with criticism to promote colon cancer screening, Prescott encourages viewers to take control of their health and get screened. Through this collaboration, Prescott not only showcases his skills on the football field but also his dedication to making a difference off the field. It’s a reminder that athletes and celebrities can use their influence to bring attention to important causes and make a positive impact on society.

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