Adidas Slams ‘Dusty’ Kevin Durant For Anthony Edwards Shoe Diss


Adidas Throws Shade at Kevin Durant Over Sneaker Diss

In a recent online exchange, Adidas, the popular sportswear brand, took a shot at basketball superstar Kevin Durant after he dissed one of their athletes. The incident occurred when Durant, a Nike-signed athlete, was asked if he would ever wear the signature Adidas sneakers of Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards. Durant responded with a firm and dismissive statement, saying, “Won’t EVER see me put a big toe in them Mfers.”

Adidas, known for its witty social media presence, didn’t let Durant’s comment slide. The brand’s official Twitter account, which boasts over 4 million followers, fired back with a harsh response, tweeting, “U dusty. Bouta retire soon anyway.” The burn was quickly deleted, leaving fans to wonder if it was an accidental tweet from Adidas or a deliberate clapback.

While it remains unclear whether the tweet was intentional or not, there is some evidence to suggest that Adidas was intentionally throwing shade at Durant. The brand’s reputation for engaging in playful banter on social media suggests that the comment may have been a calculated move to generate buzz and publicity.

This isn’t the first time Durant has been involved in an online controversy. The NBA star has previously been caught using burner accounts on social media to defend himself and criticize others anonymously. Given Durant’s history, it’s possible that Adidas saw an opportunity to poke fun at him and capitalize on his past missteps.

As for Edwards, his signature Adidas sneakers, the AE1s, are set to release on December 16, just in time for the holiday season. While they may not be under Durant’s Christmas tree, fans of both Adidas and Edwards eagerly await the release of the highly anticipated footwear.

The exchange between Durant and Adidas serves as a reminder of the playful and competitive nature of the sneaker industry. Brands often engage in lighthearted banter to promote their products and engage with fans. While these interactions may be entertaining for consumers, they also showcase the fierce competition and rivalries that exist within the sportswear market.

Ultimately, whether intentional or accidental, Adidas’ response to Durant’s diss has generated significant attention and sparked conversation among fans. As the sneaker industry continues to evolve and grow, these types of social media exchanges will likely become more common, further fueling the rivalry between brands and athletes.

In the end, it’s all in good fun, and fans can expect more playful jabs and witty comebacks as the battle for sneaker supremacy continues.

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