‘World’s Saddest Elephant’ Dies After Decades of Confinement at Manila Zoo

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The article starts by introducing the sad news of the passing of an elephant named Mali. Mali had spent most of her life confined in Manila Zoo in the Philippines. The article describes her health complications and the announcement of her passing by the city’s mayor.

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The text blocks in the article provide more details about Mali’s life and the conditions she lived in. It mentions her early years with another elephant named Shiva and the criticism from animal rights activists regarding the conditions at Manila Zoo.

The article also highlights the support Mali received from celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Pamela Anderson, and Dr. Jane Goodall. The efforts to free Mali and improve her living conditions are mentioned, but unfortunately, they did not succeed.

The article concludes with a statement from PETA expressing their devastation over Mali’s passing and emphasizing that she deserved better.

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