Vikings’ coach and GM are having a staring contest with the sun


The Minnesota Vikings’ decision to trade for journeyman quarterback Josh Dobbs has left many scratching their heads. After three starts, coach Kevin O’Connell is already non-committal about Dobbs’ future with the team. This raises questions about the decision-making of Minnesota GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah.

It is no surprise that Dobbs, a backup quarterback, struggled in his starts. Backup players are backups for a reason, and it was only a matter of time before Dobbs reminded everyone why he was available multiple times this season. However, the surprise lies in the fact that the Vikings used assets to acquire Dobbs in the first place.

With All-Pro receiver Jordan Jefferson set to return after the bye week, O’Connell stated that the starting quarterback position will depend on their ability to maximize Jefferson’s impact. This statement seems vague and raises further questions about O’Connell’s decision-making.

It is hard to understand what O’Connell is trying to achieve with his statements. It feels like he is rattling off football buzzwords to sound smart, without providing any concrete plan or strategy. This lack of clarity and direction is concerning for the team’s future.

The underlying issue in Minnesota seems to be Adofo-Mensah’s desire to get rid of starting quarterback Kirk Cousins. However, his attempts to do so have been unsuccessful, as Cousins’ season-ending achilles injury prevented the team from executing their plan. Adofo-Mensah’s decision to trade for Dobbs might have been an attempt to show that Cousins was holding the team back, but it backfired when Dobbs struggled.

Furthermore, the lack of attention to the running game in the offseason raises questions about the team’s overall strategy. If the GM believed a playoff run was still possible without Cousins, why neglect to bolster the running game? The defense has shown improvement, but the overall direction of the team is unclear.

The confusion surrounding the Vikings’ decision-making is concerning, especially considering the many questions that await the franchise after the season. Cousins is in his last year under contract, and there are doubts about Jefferson’s future without a new contract. A semblance of a plan and clear decision-making is crucial for the team’s success and stability moving forward.

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