Video of Insane, Bloody Thanksgiving Eve Brawl, Bottle Used as Weapon

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The first section with the class “canvas-video-block” contains a video block. It includes a video player with a play button and an image placeholder for the video. The video block is designed to have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The second section is a text block that describes the video. It mentions that a brutal brawl took place in Saugus, Massachusetts, the day before Thanksgiving. The text provides a brief overview of the incident.

The third section is an image block that displays a photograph related to the brawl. It shows people fighting and bleeding during the altercation.

The fourth section is another text block that provides more details about the brawl. It mentions that someone used a glass bottle as a weapon, and some individuals had their shirts ripped off during the fight.

The fifth section is another image block that shows a man bleeding from his head while being held down by other patrons.

The sixth section is a text block that adds more information about the incident. It mentions that the brawl occurred at a family-friendly restaurant called Kowloon Restaurant. It also highlights the presence of six police officers at the restaurant, although it is unclear why they were there.

The seventh section is another image block that displays another photograph related to the brawl.

The eighth section is a text block that states that no arrests have been made yet, but the person who used the glass bottle as a weapon could potentially face felony charges.

The ninth section is another image block that shows another picture related to the incident.

The final section is a text block that simply wishes the readers happy holidays.

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