Tupac And Biggie’s Signed Arrest Fingerprint Cards For Sale

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The article mentions that Momentsintime.com, one of the leading autograph dealers, has listed these unique pieces of music memorabilia for sale. Each item is priced at a staggering $225,000. The fingerprint cards hold historical significance as they are linked to the arrests of Tupac and Biggie.

The first section includes an image of the fingerprint card related to Tupac’s 1995 arrest. It highlights that the card lists Tupac’s real name, Lesane Parish Crooks, and mentions his 9-month sentence for sexually assaulting a female fan named Ayanna Jackson.

The second section features an image of the fingerprint card from Biggie’s arrest. This is said to be the first-ever piece where Biggie signed off using his real name, Christopher Wallace. It also mentions that Biggie was arrested for robbery and aggravated assault charges in Pennsylvania, with the robbery charges later being dismissed.

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