Theo Von Baffles Lee Corso With His Picks on ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’

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The article discusses the appearance of comedian Theo Von as a guest panelist on ESPN’s “College GameDay.” It highlights Theo’s unpredictable nature and humorous rants during the telecast, particularly when he talks about the matchup between Louisville and Florida State in college football.

One amusing moment mentioned in the article is when Theo mistakenly refers to former football player Jameis Winston, who had left the university, when discussing the Seminoles’ chances. This leads to a humorous exchange between Theo and Pat McAfee, one of the professional analysts on the show.

The article emphasizes that Theo’s comedic style and humor were on full display during the telecast, and it serves as a great introduction for those unfamiliar with his brand of humor. It suggests that Theo is gaining popularity and breaking through into the mainstream.

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