The Houston Texans’ lose but CJ Stroud looks incredible


The Houston Texans faced a setback in their recent 24-21 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, which pushed them back into a group of teams with five losses in the AFC. However, not all losses are created equal, and this game showcased the resilience and potential of rookie quarterback CJ Stroud.

Throughout his rookie season, Stroud has shown that he is different from other quarterbacks. He had a blistering hot start, setting a rookie record for touchdown yards and most pass attempts without an interception to begin a career. While he has been knocked down a peg since then, he still walks on rarified air.

Sunday’s game against the Jaguars was a microcosm of Stroud’s heart and determination. Despite being knocked around by the opposing team, he never flinched. His ability to take hits and keep going is something that should be evaluated by Sport Science. It’s not surprising when you consider his backstory.

Stroud is not your typical Ohio State quarterback. He was a late bloomer in high school and rose up the rankings after a strong showing at a Nike sponsored event before his junior year. This perseverance and resilience have carried over to the NFL, where he continues to impress.

The game against the Jaguars was full of plays that were inches away from adding a win to the Texans’ column. Stroud’s first touchdown of the evening was made possible by his ability to scramble outside the pocket and find his receiver in the endzone. This touchdown made him and his receiver, Tank Dell, the first quarterback-receiver duo in NFL history to score that many touchdowns in a single season.

Despite being down by 10 points late in the game, Stroud continuously made plays against the Jaguars’ defense. The threat of his running opened up opportunities for his receivers. He threw for over 304 yards and two touchdowns, with an additional rushing touchdown and scrambling yards. His ability to buy time and pick up first downs while under pressure was awe-inspiring.

Unfortunately, the Texans ran out of steam on their final drive, and Stroud was unable to find an open receiver on a crucial fourth-and-12 play. The team attempted a long field goal to tie the game, but it hit the crossbar. However, considering the stakes, the Texans should not hang their heads.

It’s incredible to think that Stroud was going head-to-head with Trevor Lawrence, who was considered a phenom and the undisputed number one overall pick just two years ago. While Lawrence’s rookie season has been a mess, Stroud has revitalized the Texans and given them hope for the future.

Stroud is growing up faster than anyone expected, and if any young rookie starter can bounce back from setbacks, it’s him. The Texans have found their baby boy and a quarterback who can lead them to success in the years to come.

Overall, despite the loss to the Jaguars, CJ Stroud’s performance showcased his resilience, determination, and potential. The Texans have a promising future with him as their quarterback.

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