The Clippers are starting to gel, but P.J. Tucker wasn’t wrong


NBA journeyman P.J. Tucker recently made some interesting comments about the Los Angeles Clippers, suggesting that there aren’t enough basketballs to fulfill the team’s needs. This remark comes after the Clippers acquired James Harden to join an already star-studded roster that includes Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Russell Westbrook.

While Tucker’s statement may seem like an understatement, considering the talent on the Clippers’ roster, it highlights the challenge of managing egos and maximizing each player’s role. Adding another superstar like Harden can disrupt team chemistry and create a shortage of opportunities for everyone to contribute.

Initially, the Clippers struggled to find their rhythm with Harden, losing their first five games with him on the court. However, they have since bounced back, winning seven of their last ten games. This turnaround has allowed skeptics to reevaluate their stance on the team and jump back on the Clippers’ bandwagon.

Despite their recent success, there are concerns about the team’s ability to perform in crucial moments, especially with a heavy reliance on Harden. The Clippers have a history of falling short in the playoffs, and some believe that their current hot streak is merely a temporary surge before disappointment sets in.

One major factor that could determine the Clippers’ success is the health of their key players. In the past, injuries have hindered their playoff aspirations, and if they can keep their key components on the floor, they stand a chance of competing in the highly competitive Western Conference. However, health alone is not a guarantee of success, but it does provide them with a fighting chance.

As for Tucker, his role on the team seems to be limited. He has not played in the last four games and might be considered a “throw-in” in the Harden trade. At 38 years old, Tucker’s best days are likely behind him, but he still brings valuable attributes to the team, such as toughness and timely shooting. However, with limited playing time and shot opportunities, it’s understandable why Tucker made the comment about not having enough basketballs to share in LA.

It remains to be seen how Tucker will fit into the Clippers’ rotation moving forward. Coach Tyron Lue’s decision not to play him could be due to various reasons, such as Tucker hitting a wall in his performance or Lue wanting to preserve him for future challenges. Regardless, the Clippers will continue to be an intriguing team to watch throughout the season, with their ups and downs creating a roller-coaster ride for fans.

In conclusion, P.J. Tucker’s comments about the Clippers not having enough basketballs to fulfill their needs shed light on the challenges of managing a star-studded roster. While the team has shown signs of improvement, there are still doubts about their ability to succeed when it matters most. Balancing egos, maximizing player roles, and maintaining good health will be critical factors in determining the Clippers’ fate this season.

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