‘Supernatural’ Star Mark Sheppard Brought Back to Life After 6 Deadly Heart Attacks

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The following sections provide details about Mark Sheppard’s health condition. It is mentioned that he suffered six heart attacks and had to be resuscitated multiple times by EMTs. The seriousness of his condition is emphasized by the fact that he had a 100% blockage in a major artery, commonly referred to as a “widowmaker.”

Mark Sheppard credits his survival to his wife and the medical team at St. Joseph’s Hospital. He expresses gratitude for their support and mentions that his chances of survival were initially very low. However, he states that he is feeling great and will be discharged from the hospital soon.

The article also includes reactions from Mark Sheppard’s co-star, Misha Collins, who humorously comments on the severity of his heart attacks. Collins encourages Sheppard to focus on recovering and getting back to work on their TV show.

The article concludes by stating that Mark Sheppard’s health scare had a happy ending. This implies that despite the seriousness of his condition, he managed to survive and is on the path to recovery.

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