‘RHOSLC’ Star Jen Shah Wants Kim Kardashian to Play Her in Potential Biopic


From reality star to behind bars, Jen Shah has quite the life story to tell… and TMZ has learned she’s hoping Kim Kardashian can tell it in a biopic.

Talks of the on-screen venture emerged when Emma Stone facetiously kick-started a campaign for the ‘RHOSLC’ star’s biopic. This happened after the longtime ‘Real Housewives’ fan was asked at the NYC premiere of “Poor Things” which Housewife was worthy of the film treatment by the flick’s director, Yorgos Lanthimos.

Lanthimos is known for taking on unexpectedly bizarre, eccentric characters — and Jen’s eyebrow-raising trials and tribulations are more than enough for Yorgos to bring her journey to the silver screen, according to Oscar-winner Emma.

Jen quickly caught wind of the A-list backing, with her manager Chris Giovanni telling TMZ she was “freaking out over the phone” with excitement when he called her in prison to tell her the news. Chris tells us Jen acknowledged Emma’s endorsement for the project as an honor. However, when it comes to who she’d actually like to play her, that would be Kim Kardashian.

Chris says Jen didn’t go into much detail about why she wants Kim, but it’s no secret she’s a massive fan of the billionaire. Before her sentencing for wire fraud and money laundering, she said she wanted lawyer-in-training Kim to join her legal team.

Kim’s involvement may not be too far-fetched. She’s been making serious headway in the acting biz, earning rave reviews for “American Horror Story” and impressing its producer Ryan Murphy so much that he’s snagged her for his new series based on famous celebrity divorce lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser.

Kim’s booked and busy, so it’s uncertain if she’ll have time on her hands for a Jen biopic. But Jen says, nonetheless, she can’t wait to tell all the ladies, AKA her fellow prisoners, about Emma’s fangirling.

While there’s no real talk about a biopic for now, Chris tells us that if and when cameras do roll, Jen’s ready to debrief whichever actress bags the role. She’s been documenting her prison experience and has already written 100-150 pages of notes.

Jen Shah’s life story is undeniably captivating. From her rise to fame as a reality star to her shocking downfall resulting in imprisonment, there’s no shortage of drama and intrigue. It’s no wonder that there are talks of a biopic about her life, especially considering the acclaimed director Yorgos Lanthimos’ interest in bizarre and eccentric characters.

The endorsement from Emma Stone, a fellow A-list celebrity and longtime fan of the “Real Housewives” franchise, only adds to the excitement surrounding the potential project. Jen’s manager, Chris Giovanni, revealed that she was ecstatic when she heard the news, and she considers Emma’s support an honor.

However, the real surprise came when Jen expressed her desire for Kim Kardashian to portray her in the biopic. It’s no secret that Jen is a massive fan of Kim, and she even wanted her to join her legal team before her sentencing. Kim’s recent success in acting, particularly her role in “American Horror Story,” makes her involvement in the project plausible.

While Kim’s busy schedule might make it challenging for her to take on the role, Jen remains hopeful. She’s eager to share the news with her fellow prisoners and is excited about the possibility of her story being told on the silver screen.

Although there are no concrete plans for a biopic at the moment, Jen is already prepared for the future. She has been diligently documenting her prison experience and has written extensive notes, ready to share her story with the world.

Jen Shah’s journey from reality star to behind bars is undoubtedly a captivating one. With the potential for a biopic and the support of A-list celebrities like Emma Stone and Kim Kardashian, it seems that her story will continue to make headlines. Only time will tell if her life will be immortalized on the silver screen, but one thing is for sure – Jen Shah’s story is far from over.

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