NBA life of Lonzo, LaMelo Ball not what was expected


The NBA has been dealt a blow with the recent ankle injury suffered by LaMelo Ball. The Charlotte Hornets’ rising star is expected to be sidelined for a few weeks, as reported by Shams Charania. This injury is particularly concerning as it is a sprain of the same ankle that Ball fractured last season.

While the Hornets prepare for life without LaMelo, the Chicago Bulls have been dealing with the absence of his older brother, Lonzo, for almost two years. The 26-year-old point guard hasn’t stepped on an NBA court since January 2022 due to a knee injury. Multiple setbacks have prolonged his recovery, and it is unlikely that he will play again until the 2024-25 season.

The Ball brothers, who were introduced to the national stage six years ago, have struggled to stay on the court. Lonzo’s extended absence has limited the number of times they have faced each other in the NBA to just three games. Meanwhile, LaMelo has also battled injuries, playing only 36 games last season and 51 games in his rookie year.

LaMelo’s latest setback is concerning, especially since it is a recurring injury. The Hornets, already struggling as one of the worst teams in the NBA, will be even more challenged without their young star. The team has been labeled as one of the league’s most unwatchable franchises, and the absence of LaMelo will likely exacerbate their struggles.

LaVar Ball, the father and patriarch of the Ball family, has always envisioned his sons playing together in the NBA. He believes that had they been given the opportunity to team up from the start, it may have prevented the numerous setbacks they have faced. However, the media hype surrounding the Ball family has lessened over time, with a focus shifting towards their on-court performances rather than off-court controversies.

Though it is still possible for the Ball brothers to eventually team up in the NBA, their primary challenge right now is simply staying healthy and getting back on the court. While LaMelo is expected to return this season, fans can only hope for positive news regarding Lonzo’s recovery. It is unfortunate that they entered the league amidst criticism and animosity due to their father’s outspoken nature. However, they have managed to overcome these obstacles and gain acceptance from fans and fellow players.

The biggest hurdle for the Ball brothers has been their battle with injuries, which have caused them to miss significant playing time. As they continue to work towards returning to full health, NBA fans eagerly anticipate the day when both Lonzo and LaMelo can showcase their talents together on the court.

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