Nardo Wick Should Ditch Entourage After Attack on Fan, Says Charlamagne


In a recent interview with TMZ Hip Hop, Charlamagne Tha God expressed his concern over rapper Nardo Wick’s use of a homegrown posse as his security team. This comes after two members of Wick’s entourage brutally assaulted a fan who was seeking a selfie with the rapper after a show in Florida.

Charlamagne, who is the chief of the popular radio show ‘The Breakfast Club,’ emphasized the importance of hiring professional security guards who are trained to make wise decisions in times of danger and threats. He argued that Nardo Wick’s crew clearly lacks the necessary training and expertise to handle such situations.

The radio host also stressed the need for artists to carefully audit their entourages and ensure that each member has a legitimate role and purpose. He believes that having individuals who are prone to causing trouble can lead to not only legal issues but also potential lawsuits, which he predicts might be coming Nardo Wick’s way.

Charlamagne’s views on the importance of top-notch security for artists are shared by his fellow ‘Breakfast Club’ member, DJ Envy. In a previous interview, DJ Envy emphasized the need for artists to invest in high-quality security, especially when it comes to protecting valuable items like jewelry or even their own lives.

Nardo Wick appears to be receptive to the advice given by Charlamagne and has apologized multiple times to the victim and their family. However, only time will tell if these apologies will be enough to prevent the case from going to court.

The incident involving Nardo Wick’s entourage assaulting a fan highlights the ongoing issue of security in the entertainment industry. It serves as a reminder that artists need to prioritize the safety of themselves and their fans by hiring professional security guards who are trained to handle potential threats effectively.

To learn more about this incident and other celebrity news, you can listen to the latest episode of TMZ Verified, available on all podcast platforms.

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