Mavs coach Jason Kidd needs to earn how to take a compliment


Jason Kidd, the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks, was visibly upset following his team’s 121-115 victory over the Houston Rockets on Wednesday. The game marked the end of the NBA’s inaugural In-Season Tournament for the Mavericks, as they failed to advance past the group stage. While their early exit from the tournament could be a legitimate reason for Kidd’s frustration, it was a simple question from ESPN’s Tim MacMahon that seemed to trigger his foul mood.

The Mavericks have had a strong start to the 2023-24 season, currently sitting in fourth place in the Western Conference with an 11-6 record. This is a significant improvement from last season, where the team struggled after acquiring Kyrie Irving via trade. MacMahon asked Kidd about the team’s improvement in clutch situations, noting that they were among the worst in the league in that regard after trading for Irving.

Kidd responded with a defensive and dismissive tone, suggesting that the media had unrealistic expectations for the team from day one. He pointed out that the media made a big deal about the team’s struggles in clutch time last year but failed to acknowledge their improvement this season when things were going well. Kidd’s response was filled with profanity and ended with a request for the media to focus on positive aspects of the team.

It’s understandable that Kidd may have been frustrated with the media’s coverage of the Mavericks’ struggles last season. After acquiring Irving, the team experienced a dramatic collapse, finishing with a losing record and missing the play-in tournament. However, instead of using MacMahon’s question as an opportunity to shed light on the team’s growth and changes, Kidd chose to respond defensively and abruptly ended the press conference.

Sports media plays a crucial role in providing context and analysis for fans. Whether the action is positive or negative, it’s the responsibility of journalists to explore the reasons behind a team’s performance. MacMahon’s question was meant to highlight the Mavericks’ improvement and give credit to Kidd and the players. Unfortunately, Kidd’s reaction overshadowed the positive aspects of the team’s progress.

If Kidd wants the narrative surrounding his team to change, he should give the media more time to recognize their improvements. Moreover, when given the opportunity to address those improvements, he should approach it with professionalism and provide insight rather than lashing out. It’s important for coaches and players to understand that constructive criticism and questions from the media are part of the job and should be handled with composure.

In the end, Kidd’s foul mood after the victory against the Rockets only served to overshadow the team’s success. It’s a missed opportunity for him to showcase the Mavericks’ growth and changes, leaving fans and the media with more questions than answers.

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