Man Claiming to Be Nia Long’s Son Arrested for Assault with Tent Pole

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The article begins by describing how being Nia Long’s son does not exempt someone from legal consequences. It then goes on to explain that a man was arrested for assaulting a stranger in a park in Santa Monica. The man initially identified himself as Massai Dorsey II, who happens to be Nia Long’s actual 23-year-old son. However, the article reveals that the man was not her son and had falsely assumed his identity.

The article highlights the man’s attention to detail, as he provided the correct birth day and month of Nia Long’s son but got the year wrong. The deception unraveled when the man was booked and his fingerprints revealed his real identity.

The article suggests that the man may have obtained information about Nia Long’s son from social media. It emphasizes that the real Massai Dorsey II had no involvement in the incident and that his name was used without his knowledge.

The article concludes by stating that the imposter is currently in jail, charged with assault with a deadly weapon and false impersonation. He is being held on a $30,000 bail.

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