Las Vegas Sphere to host 2024 NHL Draft


The 2024 NHL Draft will be held at the Las Vegas Sphere on June 28 and 29, according to a report from TSN’s Darren Dreger. This decision came after a vote from the NHL Board of Governors.

The Las Vegas Sphere, a $2.3 billion venue owned by New York Rangers owner Jim Dolan, will be the first professional sports league to host an event in this state-of-the-art facility.

However, this will also be the final NHL draft to be held in a single location. Starting from the 2024 season, the draft will be moved to a decentralized format. In this new format, players will gather in a single venue while teams’ front offices remain in their respective cities.

The decision to decentralize the draft was made after the NHL sent a memo to all 32 teams in October. The majority of teams voted in favor of this change, citing concerns about the cost of sending team employees and scouts to a singular location, as well as the potential for information leaks with so many teams in close proximity.

Additionally, the league faces a tight turnaround between the draft and free agency. In 2023, the draft ended on June 29, and free agency began just two days later on July 1.

The move to a decentralized format aims to address these concerns and create a more efficient and cost-effective process for teams. It will also allow teams to better prepare for the upcoming free agency period without the added pressure of being in a different location.

The Las Vegas Sphere, with its state-of-the-art facilities and technology, provides an ideal venue for the NHL Draft. The venue is expected to offer a unique and immersive experience for both players and fans, further enhancing the excitement surrounding the event.

Overall, the decision to hold the 2024 NHL Draft at the Las Vegas Sphere and subsequently move to a decentralized format reflects the league’s commitment to adapting and improving its processes. This change will not only benefit the teams but also contribute to a more engaging and efficient draft experience for everyone involved.

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