Lamar Jackson Puts Ravens AFC Driver’s Seat


The Baltimore Ravens showcased their improved offensive prowess in a thrilling 37-31 overtime victory against the Los Angeles Rams. This win marked the Ravens’ 10th of the season, making them the first AFC team to reach that milestone.

One of the standout performers in this game was Lamar Jackson, who had an exceptional performance with 313 passing yards and three touchdowns. He also led the team in rushing with 70 yards. Jackson’s ability to both pass and run effectively makes him a formidable offensive weapon for the Ravens.

Although the Rams managed to keep pace with the Ravens throughout the game, it was a special teams play and some questionable officiating that sealed the victory for Baltimore. A 76-yard punt return for a touchdown in overtime secured the win for the Ravens.

Offensive coordinator Todd Monken made the wise decision to rely on Jackson’s arm during crucial moments in the game. Jackson demonstrated his accuracy and precision by completing eight passes to five different players. Zay Flowers emerged as one of Jackson’s primary targets, catching three passes, including a 21-yard touchdown on third down, and also securing the successful two-point conversion.

The Ravens’ offense has often been criticized for being too conservative in their playcalling, leading to unnecessarily close games. However, this game against the Rams showed a more aggressive approach, with Jackson taking control of the offense and making bold plays when needed.

To compete for a championship, Jackson must continue to let the ball fly frequently late in games. The Ravens have made efforts to enhance their passing attack by bringing in a new offensive coordinator, drafting Flowers, and signing Odell Beckham Jr. These additions have undoubtedly boosted their offensive capabilities.

Flowers has been a standout performer for the Ravens this season, and his sealing touchdown in the game against the Rams showcased his importance to the team. Beckham also had a strong performance, leading the team in receiving with four catches for 97 yards and a touchdown.

While the Ravens’ offense is not perfect, their defense stepped up when it mattered most, and they were able to escape with a crucial victory. It is clear that allowing Jackson to be the primary playmaker and relying on their improved receiving corps is the recipe for success for the Ravens.

In order to achieve big wins and compete for a championship, the Ravens must continue to put the ball in Jackson’s hands and trust in his abilities. The victory against the Rams highlighted the team’s offensive growth and the potential for even greater success in the future.

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