Jonathan Majors Cuddles Girlfriend Meagan Good in NYC Day Before Trial


Title: Jonathan Majors Finds Solace in Meagan Good’s Arms Amidst Legal Battle


Jonathan Majors, the embattled actor charged with harassment and assault, sought comfort in the loving embrace of his girlfriend, Meagan Good, just a day before his criminal trial began. The couple was spotted showing affection towards each other on the streets of New York City, despite the looming uncertainty surrounding Majors’ reputation and career.

Love Prevails Amid Turmoil:

In candid photos obtained by TMZ, Majors and Good were seen cuddling and displaying public displays of affection. Dressed in matching all-black outfits, the couple found solace in each other’s company, seemingly undeterred by the legal battle that lay ahead. Their affectionate gestures and intimate moments served as a testament to their bond and commitment to weathering the storm together.

Support Through Thick and Thin:

Meagan Good has stood by Jonathan Majors throughout his criminal case, a surprising turn of events considering their relationship seemingly came out of nowhere amidst the troubling allegations against him. Despite the timing, Good’s unwavering support speaks volumes about their connection and her belief in Majors’ innocence.

The Allegations:

The charges stem from an alleged incident involving Majors’ ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, in March of this year. Jabbari accused Majors of assaulting her during an argument, causing injuries. Majors vehemently denies these allegations and claims that Jabbari was the one who became physically aggressive. Notably, Jabbari was later arrested but not prosecuted, raising questions about the credibility of her claims.

The Defense’s Case:

Majors’ defense team has pointed to surveillance footage showing Jabbari partying after the alleged incident, suggesting that she appeared uninjured and unbothered. They argue that this contradicts her version of events and casts doubt on the legitimacy of her accusations.

Potential Consequences:

If convicted of the misdemeanor charges, Majors faces the possibility of up to a year behind bars or a three-year probationary period. This trial is not only crucial for Majors’ immediate future but also for his long-term reputation and career prospects.


Jonathan Majors’ public display of affection with Meagan Good just before his trial demonstrates the unwavering support the couple has for each other. While Majors battles serious legal allegations, Good’s presence by his side showcases their commitment to weathering the storm together. As the trial unfolds, the outcome will undoubtedly have a significant impact on Majors’ future, both personally and professionally.

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