Jonathan Majors Accuser Grace Jabbari Testifies She Went To Birthday Party After Fight


Title: Jonathan Majors’ Ex-Girlfriend Seeks Refuge in Stranger’s Birthday Bash After Alleged Altercation


In a recent court testimony, Jonathan Majors’ ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, revealed that she decided to attend a stranger’s birthday bash instead of returning home to their shared apartment after an alleged physical altercation in March. The incident, which reportedly occurred in a cab, led to Jabbari seeking refuge at a bar with strangers who came to her aid. This article explores the details of the testimony and the alleged events leading up to the altercation.

The Alleged Incident and Escape

During the courtroom testimony, Jabbari recounted the events that unfolded on the night of the alleged altercation. She claimed that after Majors struck her in a cab, she made a quick escape from the SUV as it crossed the Manhattan Bridge. Seeking solace, she found herself at a bar where strangers came to her aid, offering support and protection. Jabbari expressed her gratitude towards these individuals who helped her during a difficult time.

Finding Comfort in Strangers

Jabbari explained that she didn’t want to be alone after the incident, as she was deeply saddened by the events that transpired. She recounted her experience of suppressing her sadness while feeling grateful for the three strangers who saved her. As a token of appreciation, Jabbari bought them a bottle of champagne and joined them on the dance floor. She also admitted to consuming shots of tequila during her time at the bar.

Physical Injuries and the Cab Incident

Video footage of the alleged cab incident was presented in the courtroom, depicting Majors pushing Jabbari back into the car before she ultimately got out and chased him down the street. Jabbari claimed that the altercation erupted when she discovered a text from a woman named “Cleopatra” on Majors’ phone. She alleged that when she tried to take the phone, Majors forcefully twisted her arm, resulting in a “heavy thud” and subsequent blow to her head.

Conflicting Narratives

Majors’ attorney, Priya Chaudhry, presented a contrasting argument, suggesting that the injuries were actually sustained by the actor as he attempted to flee from Jabbari, who was allegedly chasing him through the streets of Manhattan. The defense posits that Majors acted out of fear and self-defense.

Previous Incidents and Aggressive Behavior

Jabbari also shared details of previous incidents where Majors displayed aggression towards her. She played a recording of the actor allegedly berating her during a separate incident when she returned home intoxicated. Additionally, Jabbari claimed that Majors became aggressive after she mentioned her ex-boyfriend’s dog.

Support from Majors’ Current Girlfriend

Majors’ current girlfriend, Meagan Good, has been a constant presence by his side throughout the court proceedings, offering him unwavering support. Good has stood by Majors, emphasizing their strong bond and standing up against the allegations made by Jabbari.


The ongoing court case between Jonathan Majors and Grace Jabbari sheds light on the alleged altercation and its aftermath. Jabbari’s decision to seek refuge at a stranger’s birthday bash rather than returning home highlights the emotional toll the incident had on her. As the trial unfolds, more details will emerge, ultimately determining the outcome of this case.

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