JFK Assassination Bloodstained Limousine Leather Sells for $46,865

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tags are used to create multiple sections within an article about John F. Kennedy and the memorabilia associated with his assassination. Each section contains either text or an image related to the topic.

The article starts by mentioning that John F. Kennedy was assassinated 60 years ago and how people are still fascinated by the story. It then highlights an auction held by RR Auction where items related to the case were sold for significant amounts of money.

One of the most notable items sold at the auction were two large patches of bloodstained leather from the limousine in which President Kennedy was shot. These patches sold for a staggering $46,865. The article also mentions other items that were sold, such as Lee Harvey Oswald’s revolver and the bullet fired by Jack Ruby at Oswald.

The article continues by mentioning a quirkier item that was sold – a section of the picket fence from the infamous grassy knoll, which fetched $13,740. It concludes by stating that the case file related to JFK’s assassination continues to generate interest and attract super fans.

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