How did Ron DeSantis get to be so weird?


Title: Ron DeSantis: Priorities and Controversies


Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, is known for his controversial statements and actions. From stumbling on debate stages to his focus on other people’s genitals, DeSantis has often found himself in the spotlight for peculiar reasons. However, his latest attempt to spend a million dollars of Florida taxpayer money on suing the College Football Playoff Committee for snubbing Florida State takes the cake. In this article, we will explore the absurdity of DeSantis’ request and shed light on more pressing issues that require attention.

DeSantis’ Frivolous Lawsuit Request

DeSantis is no stranger to creating unnecessary controversies, and his recent request to allocate $1 million of state budget funds to sue the College Football Playoff Committee is a prime example. However, legally speaking, Florida has no standing to sue over the matter. This move seems to be nothing more than grandstanding on DeSantis’ part, even if it means wasting taxpayer money.

Justification and Criticism

In justifying his decision, DeSantis mentioned that his children were upset about Florida State’s exclusion from the playoffs. While it is understandable for a parent to empathize with their children’s disappointment, using taxpayer funds to address a personal grievance is questionable at best. Additionally, DeSantis’ reference to the tomahawk chop, a controversial gesture associated with Florida State, reflects a lack of awareness and sensitivity towards indigenous peoples.

Pressing Issues Ignored

Rather than spending a million dollars on a futile lawsuit, there are numerous pressing issues in Florida that demand attention. A significant percentage of Floridians live below the poverty line, and thousands of children are homeless or uninsured. Furthermore, the state has witnessed a distressing number of child gun deaths. These issues deserve more focus and funding than a frivolous lawsuit over a football game.

DeSantis’ True Motivations

Despite his claims, it is evident that DeSantis is not genuinely concerned about spending a million dollars on college football. He knows that his request is unlikely to be approved by the legislature, and even if it were, the timing would render it irrelevant. This suggests that DeSantis is more interested in political posturing and appealing to his base than addressing the real needs of his constituents.

Other Controversies

DeSantis has been embroiled in a series of controversies, including his involvement in the book-banning debate, his stance on transgender rights, and his support for rewriting history. Additionally, his hand-picked board member overseeing Disney faced controversy surrounding her personal life. These distractions divert attention from critical issues such as environmental concerns, public health, and education.


Ron DeSantis’ request to spend a million dollars of taxpayer money on a frivolous lawsuit further highlights his penchant for controversy and grandstanding. Instead of addressing the pressing needs of his constituents, DeSantis chooses to focus on inconsequential matters. It is crucial for leaders to prioritize their responsibilities and allocate resources where they are most needed. DeSantis’ actions demonstrate a disregard for the well-being of Florida’s citizens, which is a cause for concern.

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