Global Cannabis Odyssey: Ontario Expansion, Australian Exports And Innovations In Africa


Embark on a global cannabis expedition: Ontario doubles its store count, Australia sees a rise in exports, and a novel partnership that targets medical cannabis development in Africa.

Ontario, Canada plans to double its cannabis store cap to 150. This expansion aims to boost the legal cannabis market and curb illegal sales. The move comes as Canadians continue to spend a significant amount on marijuana, with third-quarter 2023 sales data showing strong demand.

Australia has also seen growth in its cannabis industry, particularly in terms of exports. In 2022, the country exported 1,510 kilograms of cannabis, marking a slight increase from the previous year. The primary destination for these exports was the German market, which received the majority of the shipments. This highlights the potential for international trade and the growing demand for cannabis products globally.

In a groundbreaking partnership, Skye Bioscience and Tautomer Bioscience have joined forces to develop and sell SBI100 products in South Africa and the rest of Africa. The focus of this collaboration is on chronic pain and other medical indications. This partnership not only opens up new opportunities for medical cannabis research and development but also highlights the potential for cannabis to address various medical conditions.

These recent developments in the cannabis industry demonstrate the ongoing growth and acceptance of cannabis on a global scale. As more countries legalize or decriminalize cannabis, the industry continues to expand, creating new opportunities for businesses and investors alike.

While the cannabis industry has already seen significant growth, experts believe that there is still room for further expansion. Cannabis stocks have recently found their floor and are now poised for unprecedented growth. This presents an opportunity for investors who may have missed the first wave of cannabis investments. Joining platforms like Benzinga PotProfits can provide valuable insights and guidance on potential cannabis stocks that are poised for growth.

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Investors who don’t want to miss out on the green rush should consider exploring cannabis stocks and staying updated on the latest industry news and developments. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve and expand, there are bound to be new opportunities for growth and profitability.

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